We made the Grace Hopper Award because we code "like a girl."


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The Initiative


The crowdfunding campaign on the McGill Seeds of Change platform has ended. We received 1435.99$ from 35 donors! Thank you all for your help!



The Experience

Attending the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) for Women in Computing is a life-changing experience for student attendees. At GHC, there are hundreds of opportunities to learn more about other women's research and experiences, network, get advice, send in resumes/be interviewed, and take home a legendary amount of swag. It's really a very special atmosphere, being surrounded by others who know exactly what you're experiencing, and who actively want to support you and help you succeed.

The three-day conference is the world's largest gathering of women technologists and is jam-packed with events, presentations, and activities, from a large-scale career fair to research presentation to professional development workshops.

McGill students that have attended in the past have not only all felt solidified in their desire to pursue degrees in computer science, but have come back inspired to give back to the CS community at McGill. After attending Grace Hopper, students have taken on leadership roles in the McGill Computer Science Undergraduate Society, Lean In at McGill, McWiCS, and other organizations. One attendee even felt so inspired after GHC that she came back and founded McWiCS!

Ultimately, attending Grace Hopper is an incredibly rewarding experience for all students involved, and these students return to invigorate the McWiCS and McGill computing communities, bringing innovation and positive changes to both.

Left top: McGill student meets Sheryl Sandberg and gets a shoutout during Sheryl's speech (2015). Bottom: Attendees of GHC (2016).