build, bond, and learn with us


We strive to cultivate a warm, open-minded, diverse, and inclusive community of techies dedicated to supporting and encouraging women in the field of computer science.

Within this community, we seek to expand the opportunities of women to explore all aspects of the technological world and to encourage them to create a positive impact on it.


We are McWiCS - McGill Women in Computer Science, 
a student-run community at McGill University. 


McWiCS’s Second Hackathon!

Build, bond, and learn with us on February 9-10, 2019
Join us @Kin Experience. All are welcome!


McWiCS Hackathon 2019 will be open to all - regardless of race, gender, skill set, school etc. Come for amazing food, incredible people and prospering opportunities to network. Help make McWiCS’s vision of an inviting and collaborative space in the tech field a reality.

Registration is CLOSED



Our Sponsors


Partnership Opportunities

If the idea of a hackathon for inclusivity resonates with you, McWiCS would love to be partners! In the past, our initiatives have been supported by hundreds of individuals who support our vision for an inclusive future in tech, as well as by companies like Morgan Stanley, Ubisoft, and Google. We are excited to be launching our new hackathon initiative, but need your help to do so!

If you:

  • Support a diverse and inclusive future in tech

  • Want to meet talented students from across Canada and beyond

  • Would like to showcase your company and brand through our API demos, workshops, socials, and more

...then we would love to work with you!

Our hackathon would not be possible without support from other individuals or groups like yours in the form of mentorshipsponsorship, or other resources. If you have any questions, please reach out to Margaret at