McWiCS - McGill Women in Computer Science


We are cultivating a community for collaboration, exploration, and expanding opportunities for women within the field of computer science.



We strive to cultivate a warm, open-minded, diverse, and inclusive community of techies dedicated to supporting and encouraging women in the field of computer science.

Within this community, we seek to expand the opportunities of women to explore all aspects of the technological world and to encourage them to create a positive impact on it.


We are McWiCS - McGill Women in Computer Science, 
a student-run community at McGill University. 



@Notman House, Montreal. March 10 - 11, 2018.




Our Goals

1. Build and cultivate a warm, supportive community for women in Computer Science.

2. Encourage the technical, educational, professional development of CS women.

3. Act as a bridge between members and opportunity connections.


Through our...

  • CSter Program

  • Community hangouts and dinners

  • Facebook Group

  • Industry Mentorship Program

  • Company recruitment events

  • Opportunities postings

  • Speaker events

  • Workshops

  • Members resources and guides




And finally, we're here to celebrate the beautiful, diverse group of women in CS at McGill University!

Programs Breakdown


CSter Program
Upperclassmen to P.h.D. students are matched 1:1 with Little CSters. Pairs are matched based on interests, personality, and experience, and bonding is especially encouraged!

Industry Mentorship
Industry mentors provide valuable guidance and advice for their mentees, whom are matched to mentors based on goals and professional interests.

CS Streams

3-hour, introductory workshops are offered to explore various applications of computer science, from game development to neural machine learning to cryptography.

Speaker Events
Distinguished researchers and professionals are invited to speak about an application of computer science and share their experiences.


Site Visit Circuit
Local companies and groups are visited for activities like talks, breakfasts, and tours. Companies on the Winter 2017 circuit include Google, Autodesk, and Morgan Stanley.

Company Sessions
Various companies are hosted by McWiCS on McGill campus for informational and networking sessions oriented to women in computer science.


Casual Bonding
Casual bonding events are thrown on campus, including simple study sessions, fun ice cream socials, casual hack nights, freshmen socials, dinners, and Soylent parties.

Grace Hopper Scholarship
A crowdfunding campaign is hosted in collaboration with Women@SOCS and the CSUS to raise money for attending diversity conferences.


Department Statistics


of undergraduate students majoring in Computer Science at McGill are women.


of undergraduate students minoring in Computer Science at McGill are women.


of the McGill School of Computer Science faculty are women.

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