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Pair Programs

CSter Program


With the CSter Program, we pair student technologists at McGill (Big CSters) with less experienced students (Little CSters) each semester. On top of allowing students to get to know each other in a casual setting, the program provides a forum to discuss navigating the field, courses at McGill, internship advice, student life, and more! The rich bonds formed between Big and Little CSters are unique to each match and help to ultimately make the experience fruitful, positive, and fun for both Bigs and Littles.

We match students based on their experience level, skills, personality, and interests. Bonding through shared interests is especially important; after all, we hope our CSters can find not just technical and academic help, but a fun experience! And ultimately, although the program is only a semester long, we hope the CSter Program results in long-lasting connections, and we encourage our pairs to continue their relationships after their participation in the program ends.

In addition to activities for each pair, CSters can look forward to casual socials and networking events throughout the semester, where Bigs and Littles have the opportunity to meet other CSters and mingle with the rest of the McWiCS community.

Industry Mentorship

Students are paired with professional women with the McWiCS Industry Mentorship Program (created in collaboration with the Computer Science Undergraduate Society of McGill University).

Over the course of a semester, students are expected to meet with their mentors one-on-one at least once a month. The program provides women within the School of Computer Science a chance to connect with technical women of the industry and receive valuable advice and guidance.


How to Apply for the CSter Program

Applications for the Winter 2017 Semester are currently OPEN and close January 27, 2017. After this date, a short meeting will be scheduled with the VP Pair Programs to better get to know each individual applicant and find them the perfect CSter!

Is Big or Little right for you?
Big CSters are typically upper-level undergraduate or graduate students who have been exposed to basic CS fundamentals and programming through at least most of COMP 250, COMP 206, and COMP 273. 

Little CSters need not be CS students as long as they are new to CS, have interest in further exploring the field, and want to gain an awesome Big CSter along the way!

Application Form
Applications for the Winter 2017 semester are closed. Check back in early September to apply for the Fall 2017 program!

How to Apply for Industry Mentorship

Applications for the Industry Mentorship Program are currently OPEN and close January 25, 2017. After this date, a short interview for all student applicants will be scheduled with the VP Pair Programs and program coordinators. 

I'm a professional woman. How can I sign up to be an Industry Mentor?

We appreciate it. Mentors can volunteer through this form.

Am I eligible to be a mentee?

All students within the School of Computer Science are encourage to apply! Spaces are limited, so preference will be given to students whose needs best match our current Industry Mentors.

Application Form
Applications for the Winter 2017 semester are closed. Check back in early September to apply for the Fall 2017 program!


Site Visit Circuit

McWiCS at Google Montreal in early February 2017.

McWiCS at Google Montreal in early February 2017.

The McWiCS Site Visit Circuit provides McGill students with the chance to visit and network with local companies, groups, and startups around the Montreal community. Activities for every event are mix-and-match for every host, with options that have included breakfast, breakout tours, speaker talks, and brunch.



Companies, groups, or startups interested in planning an event with McWiCS should contact

CS Streams


McWiCS' CS Streams Event Series covers a wide variety of possible streams for applications of computer science. For every area, beginner-focused workshops and tech talks are offered for students to sample each field and learn more about them. All talks and workshops involve collaboration with a specialized group or distinguished speaker for a true and valuable look at each stream of computer science.


Events planned for 2017 cover:

  • Game Development
  • Robotics
  • Data Analytics
  • Health Tech / Neurotechnology
  • Security and Cryptography
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development


Company Sessions

Various companies are hosted by McWiCS on McGill campus for informational and networking sessions oriented to women in computer science.

Interested companies can contact the VP Events at in order to schedule an event with McWiCS.

Community Bonding Events

Casual bonding events are thrown on campus, including simple study sessions, fun ice cream socials, casual hack nights, freshmen socials, dinners, and Soylent parties. To stay updated, sign up for the McWiCS newsletters and follow McWiCS on Facebook!

Grace Hopper Scholarship

Founded by Women@SOCS McGill and Professor Brigitte Pientka, the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) Initiative involves an annual crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising money for McGill students to attend the largest gathering of female technologists in the world. The campaign is organized in collaboration with the Computer Science Undergraduate Society and recently raised $6,000 for women to attend both Grace Hopper and additional diversity conferences.

How to Apply

Applications for the Grace Hopper Scholarship will open closer to Spring 2017. Connect with McWiCS on Facebook and subscribe to the McWiCS newsletter to stay updated!

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